Pro Bono Partnership


Chair and Liaison to Self Represented Litigants Network, 2013-14:  Jessica Van Buren

SCCLL Board Liaison - Larry Meyer

Joan Bellistri

Claudia Beth Jalowka


  • Complete the identification of successful statewide or local pro bono projects conducted by bar associations, legal aid services, and voluntary attorney networks.
  • Explore ways to encourage AALL chapters and local law libraries to connect with these programs in a high profile way and suggest appropriate roles that law librarians can play in such projects.
  • Spotlight initiatives by librarians in all types of law libraries to assist under-served members of the public directly, to contribute research and organizational skills to their employers, and to support students who are fulfilling pro bono service requirements.
  • Establish a presence for AALL and law librarians at the ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference.
  • Collaborate with the Self Represented Litigation Network.


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