2014 Chapter Council Chats


  • Jean Willis - August 2014

    Chapter Resources
    Chapter Annual Reports
    Review and Update Chapter Profiles on AALLNET
    2015 AALL Annual Meeting Program Proposals
    The Benefit of Partnerships
    AALL Executive Board Agenda Items
    Chapter Visits by AALL Executive Board Members
  • Jean Willis - July 2014

    Welcome to Chapter Council Chats 2014/2015!
    Chapter Annual Reports
    Fee Change for Chapter Online Elections
    The Benefit of Partnerships
    Update Your Chapter Information on AALLNET
    2015 AALL Annual Meeting Program Proposals
    Council of Chapter Presidents Training Materials
  • JoAnn Hounshell - June 2014

    Chapter Presidents Annual Meeting Events
    Council of Chapter Presidents Bylaws Vote
    Leadership Training
    Activities Area at Annual Meeting
    Chapter Annual Reports
    Chapter Visits
    Roster Updates
    Thank you!
  • JoAnn Hounshell - May 2014

    Council of Chapter Presidents Business Meeting
    Submissions for the AALL General Business Meeting and Open Forum
    Submission of Agenda Items and an Invitation to Attend the July AALL Executive Meeting
    Chapter Professional Development Award Goes to LLAGNY
    Excellence in Marketing Award for Best Use of Technology Goes to a Chapter
    Chapter Registration Grant Recipients
    Roster Updates
  • JoAnn Hounshell - April 2014

    AALL Annual Meeting Chapter
    VIP Program
    Annual Meeting Leadership Training and Luncheon
    Annual Meeting Forms
    Submissions for the AALL General Business Meeting and Members Open Forum
    Roster Updates
  • JoAnn Hounshell - March 2014

    New AALL Chair, Council of Chapter Presidents
    Roster Updates
    CPE Program Grants Available
    Leadership Influence: Becoming a Strong Contributor
    Chapter Registration Awards Final Reminder
  • JoAnn Hounshell - February 2014

    Chapter Bylaws
    AALL Annual Meeting Chapter Council Activities
    Chapter VIPs
    Chapter Registration Awards
    Chapter Events
    Chapter Marketing
    Local Advocate Lobby Day
  • JoAnn Hounshell - January 2014

    Call for Nominations for the Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents
    Chapter Summit Update
    Chapter Registration Awards for the 2014 AALL Annual Meeting
    Chapter Visits
    AALL Awards Reminder
    Local Advocate Lobby Day
    AALL/Bloomberg Continuing Education Grant Winners
    Volunteer for an AALL Committee
    2014 AALL Annual Meeting Registration