2009 Testimonials

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AALL 2009 Leadership Academy Experiences

“Attending the AALL Leadership Academy was an incredibly rewarding and revitalizing experience. Going into the program, I had anticipated we would focus on what our weaknesses were and work on correcting those. What we did instead was to learn what our strengths are and how to best utilize them. One of the most useful things I learned is that not everyone responds to situations the same way I do. I now recognize that I need to consider each individual when deciding how to best motivate and connect to people with whom I work. In addition, I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with a group of law librarians who are excited about law librarianship and have great ideas for the profession. It reminded me of the energizing and positive atmosphere I experienced at CONELL [the Conference of Newer Law Librarians]."

-  Elizabeth Reppe, Law Library Manager, Dakota County Law Library, Hastings, Minnesota

“The Leadership Academy, for me, was a great time of reflection and understanding of how I relate to others and how I want to relate to others. It helped clarify how I should interact with my colleagues, while keeping personal and institutional goals in mind. It was also the best opportunity to meet other current and future leaders in the profession and to create a strong network of people from whom I can draw when I need insight and guidance.”

- Wanita Scroggs, International Law Librarian/Adjunct Professor, Stetson University College of Law, Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library, Gulfport, Florida

“The Leadership Academy was an immensely valuable experience, both professionally and personally. It was highly rewarding to meet other law librarians from across the country; we encounter many of the same difficulties, but as a group we were able to share our many solutions with the rest of our colleagues. The academy reminded us that leadership involves both questions and answers, and it provided us numerous tactics in order to nurture leadership abilities in ourselves and those around us. It gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of various behaviors and personalities exhibited by colleagues. Professionally, I have strived to apply the ‘inquiry’ and ‘invention’ signatures of leadership, working to get effective feedback from students and faculty in order to help the library better meet their needs and then determining how to implement those ideas. After returning from the academy, I held a small focus group with a few professors—they were flattered that I cared enough to ask their perspective on library issues and programs, and it reaffirmed the lesson that groups are often more capable and creative than individuals working alone. Personally, I have had the opportunity to reflect on various leadership styles, leadership theory and development, and I have discovered that some of the traits I exhibit are highly desirable, while others may ‘need improvement.’ Without the academy, I may not have paused to consider some of these behaviors, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the resources to explore further and improve myself. The academy was the beginning of a true life-long learning experience.”

-  Suzanne B. Corriell, Head of Reference and Research Services, University of Richmond School of Law, Virginia