Executive Board


Standing (Left to Right): Board Members, Suzanne Thorpe, Kathleen Brown, Femi Cadmus, Kenneth Hirsh, Amy Eaton, Gregory Lambert.  Sitting (Left to Right): Deborah Rusin, Secretary, Jean Wenger, Immediate Past President, Steven Anderson, President, Holly Riccio, Vice President, Gail Warren, Treasurer.

Current Executive Board Roster

There shall be an executive board of 11, consisting of the officers named in article 7, section 1, the last retiring president, and six members whose term shall be three years, two of whom shall be elected annually by the association. The duties of the executive board shall be those usually assigned to such boards in similar associations.

All officers and members of the executive board shall serve until the adjournment of the annual meeting at which their successors are chosen, or if there is no annual meeting, until July 1 following the election of their successors.