Promoting the AALL Principles and Standards for Legal Research Competency Task Force


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TYPE: Task Force

PURPOSE: To establish the AALL Legal Research Principles, Competencies and Standards for Law Student Information Literacy as the “gold standard” of research competency within AALL and for the legal community.

CHARGE: The Task Force will:

  • Develop an effective implementation plan for the establishment of the "gold standard"
  • Develop suggested strategies for AALL members to market the principles, competencies and standards to their institutions.
  • Identify appropriate audiences and venues within the legal community and develop strategies to promote the "gold standard" to those audiences and at those venues
  • Develop targeted messages to be used for specific audiences
  • Revise language to broaden stated target audience of the Principles, Standards and Competencies to reflect the many audiences within the legal community

The Task Force will submit a final report with recommendations for the July 2014 Executive Board meeting.

SIZE: Chair plus four members.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The Task Force will solicit input and feedback from other entities as appropriate.