Programs of Value to Court/Government Law Librarians


"As a solo librarian - I am a law librarian in a busy courthouse law library in Connecticut - I must echo the words of AALL's [past] president, Joyce Manna Janto: "The best part of the Annual Meeting…was the energy generated by having so many law librarians under one roof." The opportunity to talk with other law librarians from all over the country convinced me that, regardless of library type, we all share a common commitment to providing our library patrons the best possible access to the law. The face-to-face contact - the human connection - was truly my favorite part of the conference. However, the concrete information that I took away from attending the conference programs was quite significant."

- Roseann Canny, Law Library at Rockville

The following are just some of the programs that have been identified as being of particular value to law librarians working in court and government settings. You can view all 2015 programs here.

Thinking Ahead: Encouraging Strategic Thinking in the Library

Technology Skills Law Librarians Need to Thrive - A Group Discussion

Legal Information Made Beautiful: Making and Using Law-Related Infographics

Google Analytics: Using the Software, Using the Data

Work Smarter, Not Harder - More Hip Tips for the Acquisitions Librarian

Building Sustainable Public Library Partnerships

25 Free Technologies for Law Libraries

Proving Your Library's Value: Tips from a Library That Has Done It

The Role of Law Libraries in the New Incubator Models: Collaborations That Train New Attorneys to Represent Modest Means Clients

Using Succession Planning and Knowledge Transfer to Connect the Generations

Web Accessibility Will Be the Law: Are You Prepared?

Balance Your Books - What Librarians Need to Know About Accounting

Communicating with Everyone: Clear Writing and Expression

Improving, Maintaining, and Communicating Your Value with Metrics Analysis and Visualization

Increase Your Library's Resources and Enhance Your Outreach Efforts Without New Funding: Using the AGLI Model

Managing Difficult, Disruptive, or Challenging Patron Behavior

Taming the Chaos: Productivity and Time Management for Law Librarians

Library Finances 101: Developing Workplace Financial Literacy in Your Staff and Institution

Library Privacy Laws and Drafting a Privacy Policy

Quality Digitization Projects on a Budget

The Multi-Channel Event Marketing Cycle

Confronting the Future of Information Policy

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