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Rohan Chapter Service Award Recipients

The Rohan Chapter Service Award honors outstanding service to SCALL. "The award was named in honor of one of the most devoted and energetic members of SCALL, Bill Rohan, who was employed at the San Diego County Law Library, and who passed away in November of 1981."
                2008-2009 SCALL Membership Directory, page 4.

2010 June Kim, David McFadden, Joan Allen-Hart, Patrick Meyer, Lisa Schultz,
Jennifer Lentz, Esther Eastman, Karla Castetter, Judy Davis, and Ruth Hill
2008 Victoria Williamson
2004 Members of the AALL ALL-SIS Marketing Toolkit Bibliography Committee/Task Force *see below 2002 Albert Brecht
2001 Karla Castetter 2000 David McFadden
1999 Ralph P. Stahlberg 1998 Charles Dyer
1997 Larry Dershem 1996 Aleta Benjamin
1995 Leonette Williams 1994 Cindy Chick
1993 The Inner City Youth Internship Committee 1991 Alan Holoch, Earl Weisbaum, James Werner
1990 Jill Sidford 1989 Mary Barrie
1988 Newsletter Committee: Paul George, Evelyn Brandt 1987 Sue Taylor
1986 Marie Wallace 1985 Donald Davidson
1984 Nancy Young 1983 Union List of Serials Committee
1982 Jill Mubarek 1981 Florence Draper


*Current and former SCALL members of the 2003 AALL ALL-SIS Marketing Toolkit Bibliography Committee/Task Force: Pauline Afuso, Paul Howard, Diana Jaque, June Kim, Ruth Levor (Task Force Member), Tobe Liebert, Jennifer Murray, Patrick Meyer, Brian Raphael, Renee Rastorfer, Timothy Von Dulm, Leonette Williams (Bibliography Coordinator), John Wilson, George Wrenn.