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Barbara Bintliff & Georgia Briscoe, Perspective: The Ethics of Electronic Record Sharing, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 10:8 (June 2006).
**Received the 2006 Spectrum Article of the Year Award**

Barbara Bintliff, Context and Legal Research, published in 99 Law Library Journal 249-66 (Spring 2007).

Barbara Bintliff, From Creativity to Computer-ese, or Thinking Like a Lawyer in the Computer Age, revised and published in 88 Law Library Journal 338-51 (Summer 1996).

Georgia Briscoe, Karen Selden and Cheryl Rae Nyberg, The Catalog vs. The Homepage? Best Practices in Connecting to Online Resources, published in 95 Law Library Journal 151-174 (Spring 2003).
**Received the 2004 Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award**

Georgia Briscoe, Climb High: High Altitude Mountaineering Lessons for Librarians, published in 92 Law Library Journal 217-224 (Spring 2000).

Goldie Burton, Researching Colorado Ballot Measures, published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly, v. 26:3/4 (2007).

Al Dong, Uncovering Colorado Legislative Law-making and Legislative Intent, published in Colorado Libraries, v. 25:3 (Fall 1999).

Mitch Fontenot, Colorado Practice Materials: A Selective Annotated Bibliography, published in 88 Law Library Journal 427-55 (Summer 1996).

Margi Heinen, Reference from Coast to Coast column on

Yumin Jiang and Georgia Briscoe, The Wise Researcher, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 13:2 (November 2008).

Wanda McDavid, Competitive Intelligence: An Effective Tool for Law Firms, published in The Colorado Lawyer, v. 36:4 (April 2007).

Monica Martens, Creating a Supplemental Thesaurus to the LCSH for a specialized collection: The Experience of the National Indian Law Library, published in 98 Law Library Journal (Spring 2006).

Holly Pinto, Prove It: Using Statistics to Justify Additional Staff Positions, published in AALL Spectrum, v. 11:9 (July 2007).

Karen Selden, Linking Globally, Coping Locally: Cataloging Internet Resources at the University of Colorado Law Library, published in Law Library Journal 92, no. 4 (Fall 2000)

Karen Selden, Library of Congress Classification Web, published in Technical Services Law Librarian 26, no. 3/4 (March/June 2001) HTML version | PDF Version

Frank Wilmot, A Look at Race and Ethnicity in Colorado (1860-2005): Census Definitions and Data, published in Colorado Libraries, v. 32:4 (Fall 2006).

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