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CoALL Grants


CoALL sponsors a Grant Program to provide funds for members attending library related educational programs, courses and/or institutes. Applications for grants are reviewed by the Grants and Scholarship Committee and the Executive Board. Applications should be addressed to the Grants and Scholarship Committee Chair.

The following are the guidelines used in awarding these funds.

1. Each fiscal year CoALL offers:

A.  A minimum of one grant to attend an AALL educational program. This would include funding to attend the Annual Meeting, a webinar, or any other AALL sponsored event. The number and size of the grants will depend on the amount of money budgeted.

B.  Applications will also be accepted for grants to attend other educational programs. The number of grants awarded and the size of each will also depend on the amount of money budgeted and the number of applicants. The following types of educational programs will qualify for grants:

  • Annual meetings of other library associations. e.g. Special Libraries Association, Colorado Association of Libraries, American Library Association
  • Conferences, workshops, special institutes

2. Preference will be given but will not be limited to individuals who have been members of CoALL five years or less.

3. Grants generally are not awarded to prior recipients.


Application Procedures

1. Grants will be awarded on the basis of:

A. Proven or potential ability of the applicant

B. Promise of future usefulness and permanence in the law library field

C. Financial need

D. Contribution of the applicant to CoALL and/or the profession

E. Need for representation by a member of CoALL at the institute/meeting.


2. All applications must be received by the Grants and Scholarship Committee Chair by March 15, 2015.


3. To apply for a CoALL grant, please mail or email a completed application to Kathryn Michaels Grants & Scholarships Committee chair, Colorado Supreme Court Library, 2 E. 14th Ave., Denver, Colorado 80203

CoALL Travel Grant Guidelines & Application (pdf)

CoALL Travel Grant Guidelines & Application (fillable form)


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