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Your NameWhat is the name of the committee?Provide a brief description of what the goals of this committee.What tasks are performed by this committee to accomplish its goals?What outstanding projects or tasks should the next committee chair work on?"Please provide any additional information about the committee's work, membership, or procedures."Are there any tips or insights about the work of this committee that the next committee chair would find useful to know?
Kathy CarlsonGrants and Scholarships"Prepares and distributes information about CoALL Grants and Scholarships via the website and listserv. Also, makes direct contact with local library program directors regarding the yearly scholarship. Receives applications and forwards them to the CoALL Board for selection."Update website and application forms to reflect amount of grant or scholarship and due dates. Send messages to appropriate listservs and parties to advertise availability of grant or scholarship.NoneI would be happy to send copies of all of my documents so that all that need be done is editing.
Tawnya PlumbPublic Relations"The Public Relations committee serves to promote members, member institutions and the profession to CoALL members, employers, the general library profession, the legal community, and the community at large."Develop materials that will inform those within and outside the profession regarding the value of law librarians.Brainstorm and develop a list of materials that should be created or updated and a timetable for doing so."My understanding is that Public Relations is a committee that was vacant prior to my arrival. Since I started with the committee, I am afraid I haven't created any new materials. Perhaps a discussion could identify needs, if any."
Alan PannellBRAG"Sponsors (or co-sponsors with the Colorado Bar Association) an annual training event designed to teach newer attorneys, summer associates & clerks, and law students about the concepts of efficient and effective legal research in a professional environment.""Organizes the annual BRAG event, including finding speakers and marketing the event. Occasionally provides training for other groups, such as legal support staff and non-law librarians. "
Membership and Placement Committee"The goals of the Membership and Placement Committee are to head the Annual Membership Renewal Drive, update member information and to register and recruit new members. The Membership and Placement Committee also works with other committees to provide them with information on members interested in volunteering.""Annual Membership Registration:
The membership year runs July 1 – June 30
Prior to beginning the membership appeal, review and update the Membership Application, work with the Webmaster to post the new Membership Application to the website and, if necessary, work with the Webmaster to make changes to the CoALL Membership Databa
Beginning in early June, send emails to the CoALL listserv with membership renewal information.
Collect Membership Application forms, update member records and give membership fees to Treasurer, per instructions below.
When renewal drive ends, provide committee chairs with names of individuals who volunteered for their committees on the Membership Application.
By September 1, remove members who have not renewed from the Membership Directory and work with listserv manager to have them removed from CoALL listserv.
In September, send updated list of CoALL members to Colorado Bar Association.
Membership application and check is mailed to Treasurer.
Treasurer deposits check / cash and notes date received and check number on membership application
Treasurer sends membership application form to Membership chair
Add new member to Excel spreadsheet of CoALL Members
Add new member to Membership Directory on CoALL website
Notify Colorado Bar Association by sending Name, Title, Institution, Address, Phone and Email of new member by sending email to CBA Membership Coordinator:
Notify CoALL listserv manager (John Moss) of new member to be added
Send Welcome Email to new member
Periodically send emails to CoALL Listserv to remind members of association benefits
Provide committee chairs with lists of individuals who have volunteered for their committee throughout the year.
Provide list of new members to Scuttle committee by deadline for each issue
Work with Nominations Committee to provide current list of members for elections
Work with Webmaster to post local law library employment opportunities to the CoALL website
Work with Webmaster to audit the listserv members to ensure only current members are receiving emails from the listserv.
Work with Treasurer to confirm dollar amount for dues collected for membership year.
Update member records with change of address / employment / etc. throughout the year.
AALL – Review the membership of AALL in Colorado and Wyoming and solicit those who are members of AALL, but not CoALL
LinkedIn – Review the individuals who are members of the CoALL group on LinkedIn and solicit those who are not members of CoALL.
Vendors – Ask CoALL members for names of their vendors who may be interested in joining CoALL.
CoALL membership – Ask the membership to suggest individuals who might be interested in CoALL.
"March (Spring Board Meeting): Ask the Board if they would like to continue the policy of waiving the membership fees for current members who have experienced job loss or reduction due to the economic climate. Begin discussion of what volunteer options s
"1)Many people have mentioned putting photos of members in the Membership Directory on the website. Membership Chair can work with the webmaster to explore options for changing the CoALL Membership Database Maintenance Form to allow for this.
Another suggestion has been to add a link to a website or public profile for each member to the Membership Directory. One option would be to add a link to each CoALL member’s My Communities profile on the AALL website. Links to profile’s on LinkedIn or
Katharine Hales


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