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Past Board Members



Year Board Members
2013-2014 President: Madeline Cohen
Vice President/President Elect:Chris Hudson
Secretary:Andrea McCullough
Treasurer:Tamara Phalen
Member-at-Large:Katharine Hales
Member-at-Large: Timothy Fritz
Immediate Past President:Matthew Elisha
2012-2013 President: Matthew Elisha
Vice President/President Elect:Madeline Cohen
Secretary:Mariann Storck
Treasurer:Tamara Phalen
Member-at-Large:Margi Heinen
Member-at-Large: Andrea McCullough
Immediate Past President:Robert Linz
2011-2012 President: Robert M. Linz
Vice President/President Elect: Matthew Elisha
Secretary:Amy Levine
Treasurer:Ms. Tamara Phalen
Member-at-Large:Alicia Brillon
Member-at-Large: Kristin Karr
Immediate Past President:Rachel Compton
2010-2011 President: Rachel Compton
Vice President/President Elect:Robert M. Linz
Secretary:Mr. Christopher D. Hudson
Treasurer:Ms. Tamara Phalen
Member-at-Large:Ms. Beth Mescall
Member-at-Large: Rachel Nelson
Immediate Past President:Ms. Theresa (Tracy) Leming
2009-2010 President: Tracy Leming
Vice President/President Elect: Rachel Compton
Secretary: Kelly Fanning
Treasurer: Robert Linz
Member-at-Large: Stacey Bowers
Member-at-Large: Beth Mescall
Immediate Past President: Martha Campos
2008-2009 President: Martha Campos
Vice President/President Elect: Tracy Leming
Secretary: Megan Jens
Treasurer: Robert Linz
Member-at-Large: Sarah Rankin
Member-at-Large: Esti Shay
Immediate Past President: Karen Selden
2007-2008 President: Karen Selden
Vice President/President Elect: Martha Campos
Secretary: Tracy Leming
Treasurer: Catharine Cott
Member-at-Large: Alan Pannell
Member-at-Large: Holly Pinto
Immediate Past President: Tom Seward
2006-2007 President: Tom Seward
Vice President/President Elect: Karen Selden
Secretary: Goldie Burton
Treasurer: Jennifer Hammond
Member-at-Large: Matthew Elisha
Member-at-Large: Nancy Sensel
Immediate Past President: Kaye Waelde
2005-2006 President: Kaye Waelde
Vice President/President Elect: Tom Seward
Secretary: Shannon Vicic
Treasurer: Jennifer Hammond
Member-at-Large: Theresa Leming
Member-at-Large: Ann-Marie Wills
Immediate Past President: Martha Campbell
2004-2005 President: Dan Cordova
Vice President/President Elect: Kaye Waelde
Secretary: Andrea Hamilton
Treasurer: Goldie Burton
Member-at-Large: Margi Heinen
Member-at-Large: Caryl Shipley
Immediate Past President: Martha Campbell
2003-2004 President: Martha Campbell
Vice President/President Elect: Dan Cordova
Secretary: Joanne Dugan
Treasurer: Goldie Burton
Member-at-Large: Matthew Elisha
Member-at-Large: Holly Hoxeng
Immediate Past President: Holly Kulikowski
2002-2003 President: Holly Kulikowski
Vice President/President Elect: Martha Campbell
Secretary: Mariann Storck
Treasurer: Dan Cordova
Member-at-Large: Mark Estes
Member-at-Large: Karen Selden
Immediate Past President: Druet Cameron Klugh
2001-2002 President: Druet Cameron Klugh
Vice President/President Elect: Holly Kulikowski
Secretary: Robert Richards, Jr.
Treasurer: Nancy Sensel
Member-at-Large: Gay Ellen Roesch
Member-at-Large: Mariann Storck
Immediate Past President: Linda Rose
2000-2001 President: Linda Rose
Vice President/President Elect: Druet Cameron Klugh
Secretary: Karen Selden
Treasurer: Tamara Smith
Member-at-Large: Katheryn Christnacht
Member-at-Large: Nancy Sensel
Immediate Past President: Georgia Briscoe
1999-2000 President: Georgia Briscoe
Vice President/President Elect: Linda Rose
Secretary: David Selden
Treasurer: Patty Wellinger
Member-at-Large: Martha Campbell
Member-at-Large: Druet Cameron Klugh
Immediate Past President: Tom Duggan
1998-1999 President: Mary Williams/Georgia Briscoe
Vice President/President Elect: Georgia Briscoe
Secretary: Carol Minor
Treasurer: Linda Rose
Member-at-Large: Kathleen Edie
Member-at-Large: Penny Glover
Immediate Past President: Tom Duggan
1997-1998 President: Ann Marie Wills
Vice President/President Elect: Gary Alexander/Mary Williams
Secretary: Carol Minor
Treasurer: Al Dong
Member-at-Large: Camilla Walker
Member-at-Large: Caryl Shipley
Immediate Past President: Tom Duggan
1996-1997 President: Tom Duggan
Vice President/President Elect: Ann Marie Wills
Secretary: Catherine Eason
Mary Waters
Member-at-Large: Martha Keister
Member-at-Large: Steve Rosas
Immediate Past President: Cathy Pabich
1995-1996 President: Cathy Pabich
Vice President/President Elect: Tom Duggan
Secretary: Kathleen Clark Edie
Camilla Walker
Member-at-Large: Patty Wellinger
Member-at-Large: Michael Mason
Immediate Past President: Jane Thompson
1994-1995 President: Jane Thompson
Vice President/President Elect: Cathy Pabich
Secretary: Michael Mason
Maria Richmeier
Member-at-Large: Kathleen Clark
Member-at-Large: Kathryn Spack
1993-1994 President: Lou Ellen Runyan/Jane Thompson
Vice President/President Elect: Jane Thompson
Secretary: Katherine Sayer
Tom Duggan
Member-at-Large: Martha Campbell
Leanne Walther
1992-1993 President: Bobbie Studwell
Vice-President/President Elect: Lou Ellen Runyan
Secretary: Linda Fields
Judith Heck
Member-at-Large: Trish Buckley
Member-at-Large: Rhonda Carlson
1991-1992 President: Mary Wilder
Vice-President/President Elect: Bobbie Studwell
Secretary: Merrie Jo McNally
Lou Ellen Runyan
Member-at-Large: Trudy Gayner
Member-at-Large: Mary Williams
1990-1991 President: Richard Jost
Vice-President/President Elect: Mary Wilder
Secretary: Jane Thompson
Cynthia Scott
Member-at-Large: Cori Arsenault/Lois Calvert
Member-at-Large: Martha Campbell
1989-1990 President: Gary Alexander
Vice-President/President Elect: Katheryn Spack/Richard Jost
Secretary: Linda Burns
Ann Evans
Member-at-Large: Catherine Eason
Member-at-Large: Mary Wilder
1988-1989 President: Pamela Lewis
Vice-President: Merry Jo McNally
Secretary: Joanne Salazar
Mary Williams
Member-at-Large: Deana Harragarra-Waters
Member-at-Large: Molly Walker
1987-1988 President: Linda Fields
Vice-President: Linda Gruenthal
Secretary: Richard Jost
Barbara Rainwater/Mary Williams
Member-at-Large: Anthea Gountanis
Member-at-Large: Merrie Jo McNally
1986-1987 President: Connie Pirosko
Vice-President: Gary Alexander
Secretary: Kathy Faris
Cori Arsenault
Member-at-Large: Beth Treat
Member-at-Large: Jean Tarbel
1985-1986 President: Wanda McDavid
Vice-President: Pamela Lewis
Secretary: Terry Hemming
Martha Campbell
Member-at-Large: Katheryn Spack
Member-at-Large: Leann Kunkle
1984-1985 President: Dorothy Norbie
Vice-President: Connie Pirosko
Secretary: Linda Fields
Sheila Green
1983-1984 President: Barb Allen
Vice-President: Wanda McDavid
Secretary: Dorothy Norbie
Janine Bujak
1982-1983 President: Barbara Bintliff
Vice-President: Betsy Barnes
Secretary: Sheila Green
Jean Goodwin
1981-1982 President: Rhonda Carlson
Vice-President: Mark Estes
Secretary: Bonnie Mohler
Pamela Lewis
1980-1981 President: Gay Roesch
Secretary: Martha Campbell
Nancy Stevens
1979-1980 President: Sue Weinstein
Vice-President: Gay Roesch
Secretary: Jane Thompson
Linda Gruenthal
1978-1979 President: Lois Calvert
Secretary: Sally Bullers
Treasurer: Barb Allen
1977-1978 President: Leigh Morris
Secretary: Mark Estes
Mark Estes


Special thanks to Georgia Briscoe, Linda Gruenthal, and Tanis Doyle for helping to compile this list.



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