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AALL is a member of the following coalitions:

  • Alliance for Taxpayer Access (ATA)
    A diverse and growing alliance of organizations representing taxpayers, patients, physicians, researchers,
    and institutions that support open public access to taxpayer-funded research.
  • Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions (AFFECT)
    A national coalition of retail and manufacturing businesses, consumer organizations, financial institutions, technology professionals and librarians committed to the growth of fair and competitive U.S. markets in software and other digital products.
  • Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) 
    LIPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of libraries working on projects to preserve print and electronic legal information. It provides the opportunity for libraries to work collaboratively on preservation projects at low cost and to take advantage of the partnerships created by the organization.
  • Make it Safe Coalition (MISC)
    A non-partisan network whose members pursue a wide variety of missions that span defense, homeland security, doctors and patient advocates, natural disasters, scientific freedom, consumer hazards, and corruption in government contracting and procurement. 
  • (OTG)
    A coalition of journalists, consumer and good government groups, environmentalists, library groups, labor and others united to make the federal government a more open place in order to make us safer, strengthen public trust in government, and support our democratic principles.
  • Owners' Rights Initiative (ORI)
    A diverse coalition of businesses, associations and organizations that have joined together to protect ownership rights in the United States. ORI members believe in the fundamental premise that "if you bought it, you own it," and should have the right to sell, lend or give away your personal property.
  • Privacy Coalition
    The Privacy Coalition is a nonpartisan coalition of consumer, civil liberties, educational, family, library, labor, and technology organizations that have agreed to the Privacy Pledge.